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Our goal is to automate tasks to do them better, faster, and cheaper.

















Automation Projects

 System Integration

Automation for Instrumentation replaces repetitive labor intensive tasks with an automated system.  Integrate instruments, motion, cameras, and robots into an automated system.  Acquire data from instruments for automated reports and data storage.  Specializing in Laboratory and Quality Assurance automation.

Automation for Instrumentation provides customized automation solutions using computer controlled

  • Instruments
  • Stages and Motion Controllers
  • Robots
  • Image Processing

Automation for Instrumentation is a System Integrator, using equipment from a variety of vendors to create a system that solves your problem.  A high level of expertise in software development allows us to coordinate the behavior of the various components used in a system.

Automation for Instrumentation provides consulting services.  We are flexible enough to work with existing equipment, work with an in-house team on a large project, or work on small projects.

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Laser Diode Equipment

  • Newport Autobar Technical Support

  • Software changes, conversion to pulse mode

  • Newport laser test system conversions

  • Customized Test Equipment

Convert test racks for use with different wavelengths: replace silicone detections used for 980mm with InGe as detectors for 1330 or 1500mm devices. Add multiple temperature points per fixture.  Include temperature data in database.

Custom laser probing and measurement instruments.

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Contract Software Programming

Fixed Price or Hourly

On-Site or Off-Site

Network Database

Interface with instruments or machines

Windows, Visual C++

Web Pages

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