Xstisy Cross Section Inspection System


Wire and Tubing Inspection System


Fish Larvae Counting and Identification System


Systems to save time and money.

















Wire and Tubing Inspection System

Replace manual visual inspection with an automated system to:

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      Lower Costs      
      Improve Quality  
      Eliminate Waste 
      Increase Speed  

The same system is used for Tubing and Wire -- only the software and lighting is different.

Integrated System

Integrates into your process
Signals defects as they occur

Stand-Alone System

Inspects full reels of material unattended
Catalogs and stores images of defects

Our system can learn to recognize defects as small as 0.001 in.!

Wire Inspection

Tubing Inspection

Changes in diameter
Embedded particles
Your Defect
Surface Defects

System can be customized to meet your needs
Software stores picture of each defect
Sensitivity can be adjusted
Speeds range from 10 to 200 feet per minute

How It Works
Three cameras, placed at 120 angles from each other, view the wire/tubing as it passes through a lighting enclosure.  The images from the cameras are passed back to the computer through Firewire or other connection at a rate of up to 100 images per second for each camera.  The computer uses various image processing tools to determine if a defect exists.  When defects are found, a counter on one of the pulleys provides the location.  The defect is reported and the image stored to the computer hard drive.

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Larvae Counting System

    Replace microscope with camera & computer system to:  


      Improve Ergonomics     
      Store Images  
      Save Time with Image Processing Tools 
      End Manual Transcription 


  Your image is on a computer screen, at a comfortable distance.  This is especially good for people with glasses.  Both optical a digital zoom allow you to view the image at any size.  Look at the image with other people simultaneously, while pointing to features with a mouse.
Store Images   Keep documentation of your samples by storing images.  Create a library of good examples of each species.  Recall a stored image to compare with the sample under inspection.
Image Processing Tools   Let the computer do an initial count, putting numbers by each larvae counted.
 Click to change the computer's count to, for example, indicate a different species.

Or manually count by clicking with the mouse.  Each click places a number on the screen, easily keeping track of what has been counted.

Make measurements by dragging the mouse from point to point. 
End Manual Transcription    Counts and measurements can be automatically stored as data.  Species are selected from  drop down lists.  Detailed and summary reports can be automatically generated.

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